Recently I just moved to Edge from Chrome , because I was tired of chrome’s hunger for RAM. Despite I have a computer with 16GB of RAM , and Intel i5 CPU and GTX 970 Graphic card , the burden of running chrome with more than 10 tabs was so heavy for it.

As a user , I can say that Edge is awesome. Sometimes I suspect that maybe Chrome is doing mining on the background, this is just a sarcasms.

C++ is not a tough language to learn, and developing in c++ doesn’t have to be as tough as it is now. As a C++ developer did you ever think about why we use CMake or make? Why we have to learn such a hard language to do a simple…

You may think that this is just another framework like Babylon which is also a better project than the Threejs framework. With all respect to the creator of the Threejs framework who is an awesome guy, the whole structure of Threejs is a mess, the documentation is also a mess.

There is a fact, that many people are contributing to open-source projects and community and they live in countries like Cuba, Iran, and other restricted countries and they can’t change the government or solving the tensions between their country and the USA. Many USA companies have started to restrict these people from accessing their services. And things got more complicated when these companies started to host open-source projects or buying the open-source projects hosting companies. Google Code, Gitlab, and many others are the ones that people of these countries can’t access anymore.

Github started to limit their access and you can find a lot of texts on the web that people are nagging about this.

Ok, that’s it, do something about this, that's all I’m trying to say.

Last month I started the development of an augmented reality application in the web platform thanks to The Immersive Web Working Group, for bringing augmented reality to the web. …

There was a time when there was only one bathroom in a village. Or there was a laundry room in an apartment. Today’s houses are a waste of space, we don’t need them. we don’t need to separate the hall from the restroom. We don’t need a personal bathroom. Houses…

Did you ever think that your parents are not good enough at parenting and they must get fired? Do we suffer more from having inappropriate parents than replacing them with good ones?

In the unknown future of my imagination, there are no persistent parents. Parenthood company has employees that pass health exams and their job is to give birth to a child. people live as single and if they like to experience parenting they must register to the company and take a parenthood course, and start parenting a child.

Please extend the idea and let me know how far you got in the comments.

First of all, I’m not a native English speaker so any grammar issue you found in this text, is not my fault.

Have you ever suffered from a disease that caused by your weak immune system and don’t know who to blame? A lot of people suffer from mental and…

First of all, I’m not a native English speaker so any grammar issue you found in this text, is not my fault.

“Trucks beat me but high hills are the ones that kill me”, the last words of a poor street. Do you know why aircraft shelters are round? …

First of all, I’m not a native English speaker, so any grammar issue you found in the text is not my fault.

Why we use such dangerous and complicated cars? companies like google are trying to solve an issue that doesn’t need to exist. We need cars to stop, go left, right, forward, and backward, and why such easy cars must control by drivers who can get drunk? A simple system with no AI behind can control the cars and traffic.

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I'm a human being , trapped in the cursed timeline of now.

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